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Photography can give you a highly customised edge to communicate directly to your market – and we do it without the need to sell the kids or mortgage your house.
We don’t have set fees for photography services; we charge at an hourly rate. This means we can work with any job - big or small.

Graphic design trends and advertising are now heavily image orientated and audiences can sniff out stock photography like customs border patrol.  Getting specific and honing in on your target audience means being visual. We’ve got the skills, knowledge and the friendly can-do attitude to create the image your audience wants to see.....we’ll create your perfect picture to assist in communicating your brand.  Don’t be run-of-the-mill, give your business material and promotional gear an image that is both high quality and specifically you.  Put your brand, front-of-mind.  

Digital imagery can be an extremely useful tool to engage the right target audience.  It can communicate information, emotions, messages and clear market directives in a very short space of time.
Photography is an integral part of both digital and print marketing and should not be an afterthought.  It’s a cliché that a picture speaks a thousand words, but there is truth in this - good or bad photography can potentially make or break a business.



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