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Tuesday, 01 January 2013 00:00

A Family Event

Although Brett and Keara came to me with no expectations we did have one slight little problem we needed to work thorugh - Keara hated having her photograph taken!  Now as I explained to Keara this did make it a little difficult with her being the bride!  However when the day finally arrived I went in ever so casually making no demands and working at Keara's pace.  She slowly began to relax and I really don't think she realised how beautiful she looked and even more so when she smiled! This wedding was a blending of familes and for most, it was the first time meeting.  It was wonderful to see the interaction and people moments which occured throughout the day and into the evening so I felt it really important to capture these "family" moments which Keara and Brett were ever so appreciative of.  When Keara saw her images for the first time she was thrilled (which of course I love hearing!) but nothing I said to her could convince her that it was her own beauty and hapiness which made images so special.  

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Thursday, 22 November 2012 00:00

Beautiful Inside and Out


It's prom week and what a week.  I had to share this particular shoot because the lovely young lady (and her partner) were an absolute delight to be around.  It's funny sometimes when you meet someone and you swear you have met them before, or maybe there is something so familiar and natural that you swear your paths have previously crossed.  Well that's what happened on this shoot.  Now there is a good 18 years difference between myself (I am giving away my age!!) and this prom couple but I felt like I had known them for many years.  Wise beyond their years this generation will set the world in good stead for a brighter, kinder and more honest future.  It was a sheer joy to be in their company.  Not only were they beautiful on the outside but their inner beauty far outshone what the world could see at face-value. xx


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Sunday, 14 October 2012 00:00

Footloose and Fancy Free

Where to begin with Holly and Gavin!!  Honestly I have never met a more easy going carefree couple in my life.  These guys from the get-go took all the worry out of planning and organising for what is for some, the biggest day of their lives!  Nothing phased these guys.  After the ceremony we hopped on a bus and hoped for the best just driving around and yelliing STOP! at the bus driver, who was a pretty awesome bloke - patient to say the least!   With an esky full of supplies, we continued to drive around keeping an eye out for fabulous lighting or unusual surroundings.  The whole bridal party was so much fun and so easy going - it made my job a breeze!  To be surrounded by a group of friends who watch out for eachother and respect eachother so much is a privelege... I am so glad Holly and Gavin chose me to photograph their special day!

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