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Where to begin with Holly and Gavin!!  Honestly I have never met a more easy going carefree couple in my life.  These guys from the get-go took all the worry out of planning and organising for what is for some, the biggest day of their lives!  Nothing phased these guys.  After the ceremony we hopped on a bus and hoped for the best just driving around and yelliing STOP! at the bus driver, who was a pretty awesome bloke - patient to say the least!   With an esky full of supplies, we continued to drive around keeping an eye out for fabulous lighting or unusual surroundings.  The whole bridal party was so much fun and so easy going - it made my job a breeze!  To be surrounded by a group of friends who watch out for eachother and respect eachother so much is a privelege... I am so glad Holly and Gavin chose me to photograph their special day!

Lilly, Emiliee and Tyler are cousins who don't get to see each other as often as they would like. In fact they would "live together every day" if they could, according to 3 year old Tyler. Now as far as photographing children goes, I sometimes have to control the fits of giggles that always seem to creep up on me when I am snapping away. I try to get the kids comfortable with me, so that they are relaxed and have some fun. Well... this worked a little too well on this shoot! Whether we were playing tiggy, hide and seek or wriggle worm..... they kept me on my toes!  We had a load of fun and this shows in the images, however all good things must come to an end.  Tyler decided that after a couple of hours of fun, followed by bribery and corruption (its amazing what a handful of sweets can do!) we had all the images we needed to remember this very special reunion. xx


After days of torrential rain it would be an understatement to say we were all a little uneasy as to what the weather would be like on Erin and Gav’s wedding day and started strategically thinking back-up plan! The wedding morning arrived and I know when I woke I opened one eye slightly (everything looks a little less scary when you squint?!!?).... I can honestly say that I was absolutely amazed.... not one wisp of cloud could be seen. The sun was beaming with a beautiful breeze, (needless to say the next morning as I am writing this the heavens have opened up and the sky is once more black with buckets of rain). Erin and Gavin are so easy going, fun and relaxed! They are perfect for each other and their families and friends were an absolutely joy to spend the day and night with. Their bridal party were phenomenal - with all the rain that had been hanging about inevitably there were a few obstacles - big muddy patches and overgrown grass, unchartered territory as we had to change plan on where and how the photos were to be taken - but they never complained and took it all in their stride - they were all fantastic. Erin and Gavin, you guys are awesome and congratulations on a fabulous wedding day. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. xx



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